LimeLeaf Indochina Kitchen, Amsterdam

Location : Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cuisine : Asian fusion (Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese)

Cost : ££

Style : Casual

Type : Lunch/Dinner

Rating : 8/10

Before going anywhere new or in fact, just anywhere, I like do a bit of research which involves looking for restaurants in the area, reading their menus and scrolling through their Instagram and of course, deciding what I would order. So going to Amsterdam for the first time was no different, I had a few places in mind and some suggestions from friends. One suggestion was The Avocado Show, which (you guessed it!) has a menu based around avocados. My friend and I decided to go for brunch but when we got there, there was a queue of people waiting outside waiting for a table. Hungry and impatient, we did not bother joining the queue and decided to go to LimeLeaf, a restaurant we had just walked passed.

Honey Pepper Wings & Drums (€5.50); Fried Yaku Ramen (€13.50)

LimeLeaf is a mixture of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines so I was immediately sold. We both ordered the fried yaku ramen with shrimp and the honey pepper wings & drums to share. I was pretty impressed with the generous portion of the ramen and then even more so by the size and number of shrimp (or prawns, idk) given.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend Limeleaf. Although, it wasn’t on my list of “researched restaurants”, I’m glad that we did come across it.

LimeLeaf Indochina Kitchen

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 18, 1017 LK Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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