Duck and Waffle Local, London

Location : Piccadilly Circus, Central London

Cuisine : European

Cost : £££

Style : Smart Casual

Type: Brunch/Lunch/Dinner

Rating : 6/10

Last week, the UK was greeted with snow and if you’re from here you know the UK practically shuts down at the sight of a bit of snow so I was not impressed. It was my sister’s birthday the day before so I wanted to take her out for lunch before braving the snow-striken public transport back to Colchester. We decided on Duck and Waffle Local, as we have both been to and enjoyed Duck and Waffle in Heron Tower.

I decided to be a bit adventurous and ordered a few small plates, instead of the staple “Duck and Waffle” dish. I have only tried polenta a few times, but every time I’ve had it, I’ve enjoyed it and this time was no different. The parmesan really enriched the polenta and it kind of reminded me of a mac and cheese bite (without the mac).

Crispy Polenta (£4); Fois Gras Crème Brûlèe (£7)

The Fois Gras Crème Brûlèe basically tasted like traditional crème brûlèe but savoury. I had never had fois gras (duck/goose liver) before but its rich and creamy texture makes it perfect for this dish.

Duck Jam Doughnut (£7)

Next, I had the Duck Jam Doughnut. I was quite disappointed with this dish, I had seen a few pictures of this on Instagram and thought it’d be worth trying. It was exactly like a normal sugary doughnut but instead of jam in the middle, it was filled with duck. I didn’t enjoy this as I was expecting it to be a play on a traditional doughnut with a savoury taste to complement the duck but the sugary outside and the orange glaze with the duck was a bit too strange for my taste.

Duck Jam Doughnut (£7)

My sister decided to order the Duck and Waffle, which is a confit duck leg, fried duck egg, a waffle and maple syrup. To my horror, she specified that the egg yolk had to be well done (are we even related?). Despite her obvious blunder in ignoring the significance of the golden runny yolk completing this dish, she seemed to enjoy it so maybe that’s all that counts…

Duck and Waffle (£15); Duck Fat Fries (£3)

I had to give Duck and Waffle Local a 6/10 because I couldn’t whole-heartedly say I loved the dishes I ordered, maybe if I played it safe and ordered the Duck and Waffle dish that I’ve tried before, I would’ve given a higher rating. I think Duck and Waffle Local is a nice addition, as the Duck and Waffle in Heron Tower can get quite busy, so if you need your Duck and Waffle fix, head here as it’s much easier to get a table but if you’re looking for more choice on the menu and a breathtaking view, I’d suggest you book a table at the original.

Duck and Waffle Local

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Address: 52 Haymarket, St. James’ Market, London, SW1Y 4RP 

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