Taste Film, London

Summary : A foodie’s cinema

Location : London

Cost : ££££

Rating : 9/10

Taste Film is a really cool concept that marries restauranting and watching your favourite film. Think about the times where you’ve watched a food scene in a film and thought “I wish I could eat that”, Taste Film satisfies this desire. Not only is the menu the chef’s interpretation of dishes from each film, but the dishes are prepared to be served around the time they appear in the film!

I came across Taste Film on Instagram a while back and thought it was an amazing idea and immediately signed up to the mailing list so I’d be notified when the next events were on sale. Then a friend and I bought tickets to the classic film, Matilda (1996) at Parlour and a few days before the showing, we were sent the menu.

Tickets around £49

To start, we had Spinach and Ricotta Pancakes with a Green Sauce. I’d never had savoury pancakes before so it was nice to try something new. If you’ve seen the film (If you haven’t, go and watch it), you’d know about the scene where a young Matilda makes a batch on her own but these are sweet pancakes that you’d normally have for breakfast. I thought it was a good idea that the dishes were interpretations rather than literal imitations because it made it a bit more exciting as we weren’t completely sure what to expect.

For the next dish, the menu read, “Sausage & Mash, Onion Gravy, Carrots and Peas” (I bet you’re thinking basiiiiicccc, bear with me a sec). I knew the dish wouldn’t be a literal microwaved TV dinner but I was surprised when it came out on the aluminium tray, complete with separators. It was kind of hard to eat with separators but if it’s good enough for The Wormwoods, it’s good enough for me (kinda, because this sausage & mash was restaurant quality, who knows what The Wormwoods had). Before I even finished the sausage & mash, I was starting to get full and was wondering how I could possibly eat 3 more courses…

Next, the infamous chocolate fudge cake that Bruce Bogtrotter heroically devours in front of Mrs Trunchball. This scene was one of the most memorable scenes in the film, so I knew it would be on the menu even before reading it. The cake tasted just as I imagined and luckily came out as a sharing plate.

The next course was Parlour’s Royal Kensal Green Tea cocktail served in a teapot, which gave us a refreshing food break before the final course.

The final course was a Cheerios Cheesecake inspired by when Matilda finally hones her powers and uses them to make a bowl of Cheerios. The dish was visually creative and very light, perfect eating 3 courses. However, I wouldn’t really call it a cheesecake, it did have certain elements of a cheesecake but wasn’t set like one and didn’t have the traditional biscuit base. I’ve never really seen anything like it so maybe it was called a cheesecake so we’d have a reference point but either way, it was unique (a dish where Cheerios appear to be floating) and tasted good.

I 100% recommend Taste Film and I will definitely be returning at some point in the near future (I’m hoping there will be a showing of one of my favourite films, Chef (2014)). In my opinion, it’d be better to go to a film that you’ve seen before because there are a few distractions when each course is being served. The price for this showing was £49 and extra drinks were not included, I believe it is around the same price for each film, so it is a bit pricey but well worth the money. Treat yo’self.


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